Fallen Warrior

It's thundering and lightning, the rain is splashing down and makes small
rivers all over. The waves are rolling across each other and the wind makes
them aggressive.

A lady is out for a walk, and has a terrible head ache. Blood is running from a
big cut in her head, blood red like a rose. It begins to get cold and her body
is freezing, but her face is warmed by the heat of the long, red hair. In her
eyes you can see that she has cried for a long time. Her eyes are always blank
like a rain drop, but now her eyes are red and sore.
She is walking carefully, afraid that someone sees her. The wind is blowing and
the rain is falling down. The blood from her head is running down her face and
it makes her look like a ghost. Her face is pale, she's so cold. She's always
been wondering why she's here. Why she's walking here all alone. A lonely soul,
a lonely girl...

-She cannot stand the pain any longer...

Inside she feels no happiness. She is just killing herself slowly, her eyes are
dark, and her mouth will not speak. Her heart is cold and her heart is bleeding.
Death is a central thought in her head, ever since the terrible accident, she
has felt this way, felt responsible for their death.

-These nightmares won't stop...

She feels guilty blaming herself, but it doesn't make it any better. She can
still hear the terrible screaming, a hand reaching hers, but without any luck.
It's hot around her, and she turns her head around and runs away. Away from the
hand, away from all the screaming. Why? A human life is not worth a shit
anymore.. She saves herself. Don't blame her, she is only human.


A terrible thought, but a very easy way to run away from the pain, she doesn't
care anymore. The show is over, an actress is dead. Just like that. Fading..
Just like a fallen warrior. All the fighting and struggling, just waiting for
the long hard road to hell. Dramatic... She has never been a good fighter, just a
pretty good faker. The truth will never be told... It is buried and don't ever
try to dig it up!

She is like a butterfly with beautiful colours, hard to catch. She can fly all
over the world, but her wings won't carry her. Carry her home.. She tries, but
gives up after a while because she knows deep inside that this is all just a
fantasy. A dream, a big waste. Time is running slowly out. HELP ME!!

-She is driving faster..

The tree suddenly gets so close, she tries to brake, but it is too late. The
only thing she can remember is the heat and a voice calling her name. She is
just waving her hand, but nobody tries to save her. The person with the voice
turns around and runs away. Suddenly she can hear a voice in her head that
says: "Now it is your turn".

It is thundering and lightning, the rain is splashing down, and makes small
rivers all over. The waves are rolling across each other, and the wind makes
them aggressive...

In the field beside the river, against the bridge wall, was a car. A small
white car, neat, the sort a lady would drive. Now it was a wreck. The patrolman
played his flashlight on it and saw the whole of the front was smashed in, the
hood buckled, windscreen smashes, wheels hanging half off. "Jesus Christ!" he
said softly. He wrenched the driver's door open and leaned inside, gently
cautiously feeling the body. "Lady", he said "Lady-Can you hear me?"...

Short story by Foolish
Read 994 times
Written on 2006-05-11 at 16:47

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