The poem itself is the description.

The Sacred Rhyme

The is a story about a man in the sidewalk
He just sits there walking people pass by, but no one even bothers to say "hi"
He just wants some coins to be dropped in his bowl
Now all he's got left is his soul
Ignoring the hunger and cold he is just sitting there and getting old
Wait,hold on, no, he's got hope, he's wishing someone will throw him a rope to pull him out of that misery
He used to live a lavish life with a beautiful
All his property was gulped down by the system
After the money is gone nobody ever missed him
See, this is how our world is , money-minded
Its like the whole world is for sale
Innocent people locked up in the jail
Back then, people used to fight for crops
Now, they fight for what not
Keep yourself above everything, opportunities are everywhere
Feed the hungry if you can, regardless of your plans
A good deed could provide a lead
Don't let that humanity bleed
After all your actions defines you and refines you !!

Poetry by Sugam
Read 614 times
Written on 2016-11-10 at 07:41

Tags Story  Motivation 

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