I have grown, Life is now known, With weak bone, I now groan and moan, Way to exit is shown, Old age is sown, I don't atone, I await death's relieving phone.

Old Age Makes me a Sage

My body has become weak
That proud feeling is over
Often it gets lots of aches
From all of its parts easily

My will is totally broken
Pills are now companions
My youthful appearance
Is the worst falsity indeed

My head feels damn heavy
For reasons known to head
My leg joints are so weak
I can't do even one sit-up

A body that did 25,000 skipping
At a stretch is now powerless
Doctor warns about operation
If even 10 jumps are made

My eyes which read books
Even in the worst twilight
Can't read even in Sun-light
Even a single word casually

My hands that were strong
Now tremble with tremors
And enthusiasm of mind
Is driven away by old age

Grey hair that are beard
Indicate a beggarly look
Side burns are shaven
To hide my growing old

2500 sit-ups daily made
500 pumps in parallel bar
2500 confident push-ups
Seem to be sheer dreams

Beautiful women turn farce
Little babies look like Angels
Growing kids are blessed
Old age is easily hunting me

I mind not dying to leave
Many hidden ambitions
Remain unrealized sadly
Is Heaven a lovely stuff?


Poetry by mvvenkataraman
Read 831 times
Written on 2016-12-06 at 08:46

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I am surprised by my own poem,
It carries good meaning and truth,
I am awed by the way I wrote it,
I feel now confident over my talent,
Thanks to poet bay.com for its help,
World is fine if our heart is peaceful!