Sometime a soul asks and the answer is so simple: we are all related.

On Stars and on Suns

write me something on stars

where will I start if I write you of stars
at MyraM and MaryM
at womanhood and virgin-being
of MaryMyra or of sun?
of stars you said
of stars then sun is part of stars
sunstar the Sun of this warm heart
a part of star
a star for him that chases day
a gleam of night within this day
a star within the heart of Sun
a Sun within the heart of star

he seems to know before he asked
the answer shimmered in his heart
a question no a statement yes
no star no sun a Soul no less
he holds a Key within his wish
a Key that in her heart released
a wish to be far more than star
far more than wound, than shade, than scar
a brilliant gem for him to hold
a token of a LOVE foretold


Poetry by myra
Read 1037 times
Written on 2005-08-06 at 21:06

Tags Love 

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Commentally Ill
we ARE all related. just ask adam and eve. oh wait, they're dead. you'll just have to take my word for it then.

just the introduction is worth top grade

"a wish to be far more than star
far more than wound, than shade, than scar"

those lines... well... just... damn.

applause, applause

(and the crowd goes wild)

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
sings light out and smiles :) we are all born of the stars, we breathe in the universe :)