Wildness Call Forth The Night

Please wait for me.
Yes I am already here.
In a process of undressing.
These garments are humiliating
Emotion runs like blood
Cleansing me.
Hate will rise
How dare they chain me
Drive me underground so even I
Forget my name.
I embrace the dark,
Work happily in the night,
In the shadows in between.
But never again will I forget
and let the disguise become my
prison .
Weaving through my life
The sour thread of never-fit.
What world is this?
Humiliating, not knowing I was
Abusing my own heart with lies
like a beggar, like a fucking sinner
Doomed to always get it wrong.
I felt the tides of this
And tried so hard to be the hero.
Wasting love, cos it was always safer
To be the broken heart, the failed
dreamer, the hopeless case.
At least I could use the pain.
Taking sacrifice as my middle name.
This story of the giver
Never the receiver
(nor the death bringer for that matter)
Not the equal partner
But the martyr
Ends now.
What a distortion of truth
The half lived life.
I will know my power
I will be whole
And then I will choose to be filled
I will choose to be held
As I become
Undone and raw and
Ready to strike.
Big we are
Wildness will call forth the night
And you will taste the earth
As keenly as the stars
In the essence of me.

Written: Summer 2016

Poetry by Maija Liepins
Read 960 times
Written on 2017-01-27 at 10:38

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"[...] it was always safer
To be the broken heart, the failed
dreamer, the hopeless case."

These lines speak to me powerfully.

Rob Graber
Time to stop playing the martyr all the time!

"Undone and raw and
Ready to strike."

A most potent piece!

Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
A kind of death and rebirth, a going forth into that which is willed to be or simply is.