Why am I so sad?
Like a woodpecker by the bed?


Why am I avoiding
like a rabbit down a hole?

Why is there an unrest
Blooming like pressure down the mine


Breathless like there's no oxygen,
a never sitting still?

Why am I feeling worried?
Like an anxious movie star?

What will become of me?
When I get stuck upon the stair?

Why does my heart beat so loudly
when I can't hear it there at all?

Why am I asking questions?
Like a student of the well?

I see and feel so much at home
I try to get away

I don't know how to cope at home
I try to get away

I worry that I don't belong
I try to get away

I wonder if I want to stay
I fly into a rage.

O baby, baby won't you play?
You're heart is bigger than a thimble.
Dove, what's the writing on the wall?
What cymbal crashing in your ears?
What drenching of the winter rain and
muddy boots stomped in
might say is
It's never to late to to make a change
and never wrong to grow and play
In fields of wheat and starry nights
in kitchens warm and lounges bright
Believe in your heart and describe your dreams
they were never meant for so little a thing
As a fling and a fancy
a whim and a day
They are meant for your living
this life and this day
Go forth and be bold
be brave and try
All stand up
stand up to you.
The wizened hag
the withered prey
The wildest sin
the love-lorned sway
Lick the teardrop
take the cup
Sup with mothers and
rock the cot
Breathe in the morning
see out the night
Welcome shadow
and make peace at last
Your heart it knows
it knows the way
You needn't think it
you needn't stay.

This poem was written in 2018
Listen to me read it here:

Poetry by Maija Liepins
Read 361 times
Written on 2021-04-25 at 15:32

Tags Trapped  Sadness  Flight 

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Bibek The PoetBay support member heart!
I enjoyed reading your poem and watching you read it. A fine work. Thank you for sharing!


one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
I also listening to you read. The serenity is your voice, your expressiveness, and the setting combined to make the words absolutely come alive.


Hans Bump
The personal analogies are so creative and the beat is seamless
Thanks for this work.

josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
I listened to you reading this. The drama of the monologue is compelling. It adds another dimension to the work. Well done!