Women (appreciations for the Leo full moon)

I love the way we honour each other
Holding each other in our grief
Loving and celebrating each other
in our joy
Respecting and accepting our many faces of womanhood
Whatever the state of our hair
And libido
When we woke up, upside down in the bed
Wet from sex or crying
It of course depends on the day
I love that I can reach you across oceans
Without needing to pick up the phone
In this I realise I know you
Faithfully, soulfully, directly
Most beloved in the web of travellers
Dancing on the wire.
I love that we are a sisterhood:
Where one needs to hibernate in her cave
Another steps up to meet the one who
needs the presence of a friend, an elder,
a mother, a grandmother, or a maiden
To see her through the passage of her day.
Thank you
Wild women, sexy women, brave women, bold women, fearsome women, big hearted women, (yes I am talking about you), funny women, wise women, dangerous women, alive women, awakened women, awakening women, feeling all the feels women, truth telling women, not afraid to be vulnerable today women, dancing women, making music women, storytelling women, creative weaving women, courageous women, loving women, huggable women (yes I'm still talking about you), soulful women, knowing women, respect filled women, rebel women, response-able women, embodied women, more changeable than the seasons women, constant in your sisterhood.
I love that you know (or are learning) that when we abandon each other we abandon part of ourselves
When we hurt the feminine in ourselves
We hurt each other
When we rise and create
Our success is shared.
Such is the way when we realise
being a woman with women together
Can be a powerful antidote for
the struggles
of Everyday.
Thank you for being you
And showing up today
Wherever you are
However you showed up.

Poetry by Maija Liepins
Read 963 times
Written on 2017-02-08 at 20:23

Tags Women 

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I love the litany of the different types of women ("Wild women, sexy women, brave women, bold women ..."); it's the part that I'm reading and rereading!

Maija Liepins
Thanks :) it's new, and cultivated, this kind of experience. I think men can have it too, their own version.

Reference to the feminine originally said feminine heart but I wasn't sure it worked. And I'm of the belief men and women have both feminine and masculine traits / processes, just in a different balance. So the phrase "when we hurt the feminine within us" is making that distinction. It might be a specificity too far, but "when we hurt ourselves" sounds weirdly not specific enough. Heh

jim The PoetBay support member heart!
I enjoyed this, and wonder if I, or any man, could write something along the same lines. I don't think so. Perhaps brothers in battle could, but nothing in my experience leads me to think there is a male equivalency, not is such sweeping terms.

Lucky you.

These lines gave me pause:

"When we hurt the feminine in ourselves
We hurt each other"

I'm not sure what is meant.