The act

The act of defiance; is a noble one.
To try and try against monumental difficulties,
a brave fight, and always lost.

That day I did not win the fight,
but was better for it,
since I won my life.

The act o defiance is a strange one.
One I learned how to lose with my head held up in triumph,
as if losing was the only way to win,
as if losing was the only way to smile again.

I am making a long story short, which is alright since I am happy to just be able to tell it, to be reminded of it, to remember the hell I was going in to
and never making it through its gates.

Defiance is an art, its a work of art in its every muscle
how it drenches every fiber of the body, how it turns your insides out
for all to see; I was gutted, knifed, sent to the abyss

but for all my screaming, for all my defiance ...

I still stood there

and didn't jump.

My parents will tell you about their fight
about the will of hope
and how it helped one of theirs to survive
but that's for another time. That is for them to choose the time,
ways, and syllables.

Mine was of defiance,

and how it is such an art

Essay by Ivan R
Read 524 times
Written on 2017-02-26 at 21:57

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I ran into this poem today perhaps not entirely by accident, but it was something I was ready to read today. I feel the words for what they are expressing. An act of defiance against everything that tries to defeat us in this world. it takes a surge of immense courage to not give in, to make the decision to live. I am glad you did and my words about this will also be heard someday. You are so much braver than you ever thought you were, and I love you for it.

I messes it up of course because I am writing on this phone and it's 6 am on Carnival day. I meant defiance is my motto!

Defiance is motto. Do it, and congratulations on having the courage to do it.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
I like this. Defiance, even in defeat, is ennobling.