Explorers and diagnosticians.

The Middle Period.


Big nosed, scrawny and underweight.
The most successful revolutionary
who never fired a weapon.
Educated at the best schools
his modesty and tolerance were legendary.
He had no time for scholastics or fanatics.
After 400 years he still lights fires
in scholar's and explorer's minds.


The ingenious Irish priest
was presented at court.
As westward the course of the empire
took it's way.
He thought he proved
everything is mental.
But fell on the point
of the false-dichotomy.


A rotund and cheerful Scotsman in a red coat.
Developing the logic of his ideas
to the bitter end.
There is a special place in hell
for meta-physicians who claim refutation.
We must "act as if life has a meaning."
No matter what we believe.


The Seven Years War.
The French Revolution.
While the cannons thunder
he wonders.
He knows from his predecessor
that causality is not analytic.
There is only one way to go from here.
A priori synthetic propositions.


The lazy, post Jesuit physicist
broke the chains of 'The 'Master'.
Shifting with dancer's grace,
between the epistemological
and the ontological.
Even with determinism he can't escape
the ghost in the machine.


The excommunicated lens polisher
convinced that there is only one substance.
Anslem's a priori ontological argument
reused besides it's fall into absurdity.
Individual souls are not things,
at best they are adjectives.
Mythological nature is a magnificent failure
and he is forced to cling to God.


The talents of this one man
shook the world to it's foundations.
"One is tempted to throw away one's books
and go die quietly in the dark of some forgotten corner."
The windowless monads,
esoteric and exoteric interpretive toolkits.
Ambitious in his hunt for an ideal metaphysics
he could not discover absolutely primitive concepts.


Famous for his ragged disciples
a patriotic Prussian and supporter of Napoleon.
The real is rational
and the rational real.
A celebrity of the objective spirit
his idealism collapsing with the end of the century.
His illustrious significance fell,
not with a bang but a whimper.

Poetry by Wumbulu
Read 519 times
Written on 2017-04-20 at 06:00

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