In early 2003, I was devastated to learn my dear sister-in-law JoAnne had late stage cancer. She and I had endured my cancer diagnosis five years earlier, growing closer than sisters in the process. My illness and recovery had awakened a truthful and l

No One Before

Some whom I’ve loved

Have left our earthly plane
No longer in their bodies
Quiet their human voices
I sense their spirit energy
They whisper to my soul
Kindle fleeting connections

I see their love intangible
Knowing I may soon seek you
In the great beyond past earth
I grow angry at that thought
Not willing yet to accept
I’m powerless to save you
Treasure that you’re still here
Aghast at what I may lose

We’ve been sisters 30 years
Because my brother and you wed
Five years ago we emerged
After surviving my own peril
As more than kindred spirits
Soul sisters, energies mingled
An eternal bond reborn
Each other’s dearest fan

That cancer dank and fluid
Spread throughout your insides
Medical odds are against you
Leaving hope on shaky ground
Chemo is the doctors’ offer
To fight this silent killer
Man-made medicine becomes
The strongest tangible weapon

No one before has loved me
Precious as your heart’s way
All my stories and poems now
Are colored by your illness
I pray often for your healing
Light candles as faith declared
Yet I can’t help but wonder
If I can bear to let you go

Poetry by LS Marie
Read 260 times
Written on 2017-06-20 at 22:56

Tags Lovinganother  Spiritualconnection  Writinggriefout 

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Lovely read. Sad to lose someone you
care about. Well done.

I believe her spirit will remain with you throughout your life. There are special people in our lives who, even when gone, continue to live in our minds and our love. This is a very heartfelt and moving poem.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Bravo, a very powerful work. Welcome to poetbay, LS Marie.
Ken (D Williams)