While I was confiding to a family counselor, she remarked that I seemed to believe others brought love to me, as if I had nothing to do with these gifts. She asked me to intimately recall the times I have loved. Thus this poem.

When I Have Loved

I loved when I did not know how

When that was all I had to share
Thinking I could never be enough
For others to see me as I dreamed

I loved even when I was misused
When I prayed, hoped love’d win
Thinking it was my own failure
That caused things to go awry

I loved with every part of me
When I knew some were leaving
Thinking it an honor to be one
Who said goodbye with all she had

I loved when I faced death’s door
When I felt it was the way to go
Thinking it a miracle that I stayed
And vowed to never stop caring

I loved when I opened to poetry
When rhyme and verse rose freely
Thinking I had never planned to
Still I agreed to write what came

I loved each time I said goodbye
When my heart broke into pieces
Thinking I could never be the same
And not knowing I could love more

I loved again when he said “Hello”
When I was meant to be right there
Thinking God please let it be real
So I can learn all of Love’s lessons

I loved again when my parents aged
When their lives and bodies slowed
Thinking I'd offer them kindness
As they lived those hard last years

I loved again when I shared my prose
When the prayers I wrote helped each
Thinking I don’t know how but I’m glad
Feel “enough” to share even more

I loved again when I asked for help
When I found the support I need
Trusting they welcome me as I am
And join me to serve Sacred Love

Poetry by LS Marie
Read 245 times
Written on 2017-06-21 at 19:16

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Bravo LS Marie, Bravo.