After moving to a new country, culture and rules.. and especially when it's in the list of the first world


Please come inside,
please take a seat.
Please feel at home.
Be my guest.

umm... but a few small things,
I hope to tell.
Sometimes I am slightly severly allergic to
taste, touch, sight and smell.
So sometimes when you step inside,
make sure you remove your shoes,
remove your socks and no problems by me,
you just need to wrap your feet in plastic and keep aside in that box.
You can then maybe wash your hands
and make sure you dry.
Also an easier way to remove your fingerprints,
a few drops of acid you apply.
For dinner I shall send you an invite.
But please make sure your teeth you do not grind,
your tongue doesn't slurp
and cover your face with heaps of cloth,
incase you burp.
You are most welcome to sleep in this plastic wrapped bed,
just make sure first you wash yourself with cleanex.

[cough! cough!] Excuse me I really need to cough.
Excuse me, while my lungs interrupt.
I shall take a minute to blow my choked nose,
wipe it with white silk,
and keep it back in my panty hose.
Then with those fingers,
I pick my microscope,which under my eyelids I kept,
and once for last check my carpet for any traces of your soul you left!

Poetry by nausheen
Read 1039 times
Written on 2017-09-27 at 10:05

Tags Cleanliness  Intolerance  Filth 

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Bravo! Use of words, phrases, esperly the English language, difrent whear English is the langwge the comon lagwege! then some times, confusan, rulers!

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