Nail-Cutter ?

Abezi's nails grew too long.
For her principal it came across too strong.
She sternly remarked "chop it soon or else...!"
Abezi could not understand why.
Afterall she had seen longer nails of people in authority,
respectable men on T.V.
and a gentleman at the ice cream shop nearby....
She was sitting there waiting,
her palms on her thighs resting.
That was where she felt the pricks of this gentleman's narrow eyes.
"The gentleman must be disgusted. Abezi's nails were long."
The people discussed, she just got it wrong.
The gentleman walked near her face.
He looked at her in disgrace.
His eyes looked in her eyes.
His eyebrows raised high.
"Cut your dirty nails young lady."
He wagged at her his crude nail, his finger,
in pride.
Then he turned away like a ballet,
elegantly in his pocket,
his hands went inside.
People applauded.
She went with her thoughts still clouded.
From nowhere, the neighbourhood friendly man appeared.
To clean the neighbourhood, he had volunteered.
In clean shirts he would be dressed.
The noble men would greet him with a smile.
The women in the neighbourhood were always impressed.
Everybody gets along with him just fine.
He was once even invited to her place to dine.
The familiar sound of his happy flip flops filled the room.
His well lit eyes shone upon her doll house.
That was when she saw his long nails,
which curled up in her doll's blouse.
She snatched her tiny doll
and shot at him her innocent fiery eyes.
"if you don't know how to hold a doll...!"
He went for a men's manicure
and that was all.
Grew long his nails !
Abezi completly fell in doubt.
Without missing a detail,
to the famous man we have all seen on T.V.
she just bluttered out.
"Who made the nailcutter?"
"Was it a celebrity?"
"Or was it a man, whose nails were filled with clutter?"
The famous man's poster face,
displayed the history of human race.
He looked aloof to her questions.
Rather took her in possesion,
dragged her to her school.
They ripped open her uniform !
Naked she stood.
While they all moved around in stride.
She bent down to see.
Underneath her skirt all the answers lied
Her principal knew this day would come.
Her stern remark was like the 'rule of the thumb'.
Abezi was made to cut her nails,
so she would never try to scrape off the dirt
from another gentleman's shirt...!!

Poetry by nausheen
Read 1046 times
Written on 2012-08-26 at 14:22

Tags Nails  Feminism  Rules 

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very beautifully crafted & a wonderful piece of art...