I feel like dying today
and I don't know why
it seems like the world is against me
for the last few days.

Still I am here living this crappy life
but one thing I can say
is that I love my best friend Angela
and my boyfriend Jon.

Cory is helpful
but Jon hates that I talk to him
he thinks that I will dump him
for Cory which I wont.

still everyday I some how
get through each minute without going insane
I don't know how
and I don't know why

I guess what keeps me alive
is my friends and my best friends parents
my family don't help
me with nothing

for they don't even care
all I want to do is crawl
into bed and never wake up
still I am here today.

Poetry by lynn
Read 244 times
Written on 2006-05-22 at 17:49

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