Gosh Darn It, Love Is...

Love is seeing chick-flicks with you to wipe your tears dry
Love is taking you with me so I don't have to kiss you goodbye
Love is ditching the game with the boys for a last-minute date
Love is starving through the mall because you already ate
Love is talking to you through the morning because you can't sleep
Love is tackling my best friend who calls you a [beep]
Love is covering my shirt so it won't offend your mother
Love is biting my lip when I'm being interrogated by your brother
Love is sharing my beverage with you when you have a cold
Love is liking the image of you wrinkled and old
Love is holding your umbrella while I stand in the rain
Love is smiling when you ask the same question again and again
Love is teaching you to drive while you wreck my car
Love is watching you unknowing with your girlfriends from afar
Love is grossing you out but knowing when to stop
And Gosh Darn It, Love is remembering not to leave the toilet seat up!

Poetry by Shas Ramlogan
Read 1424 times
Written on 2006-04-25 at 03:48

Tags Love 

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This is soo sweet!
you explained everything so perfectly.
i wish the guys i've had would have treated me that way!! im jealous of your gf she should be so thankful for what she has!

This gave me chills--what a fun, witty write!! Bravo!

Mischa Ash Brookes
this is the sweetest thing i've ever read. its so beautiful, it makes girls envious of other girls whose bfs treat them this way. its also very funny. what talent! i adore u and ur poems, wow!

awww.... i absolutly love this poem this is a wonderful write!!!!!!
lots of love from amber lynn

A most enjoyable piece of prose with a little something in there for eveyone to relate to.

Kathy Lockhart
This is ADORABLE!!!! Just a delight to read. Oh, it is sweet, endearing, and so true. You capture the innocence, the purity, the reality of love. You did it so well.! I like this so much, I am bookmarking it. You made me smile!!!!! :) kathy

Amanda Manmohan
Definitely not your usual style but I must say, it was very well done and the ending actually made me laugh out loud. It's a very sweet poem and it was nice to read one from you that didn't involve death :p heh just kidding.

This is so sweet! I love it!