This is more than anything to raise awareness to the genius that was Mattie Stepanek. Even after his premature, tragic death, his poems still touch millions. He was only 13. He was brilliant and may his memory live on.

Heavenly Scrolls: In Memory of Mattie J.T. Stepanek.

I can not heave my heart into my mouth.
Such passion can not be compromised with words flowing from another's lips.
Breaths of genuine heartbreak trace my escape.
All the while, picking up the pieces of my betraying heart.
I promised I would not cry.
I should not.
What strength! What inspiration! What wisdom!
Flowing from a pen cradled in an angel's grasp.
Mattie, I did not know you and I am no different from the rest.
I am just one of the world you have captivated.
Eyes tracing the lines.
Angry at my tears for blurring my vision of your words.
Blessed upon the Earth to write those Heavenly scrolls.
But - all angels must return to the Gates.
Thank you for leaving us your wisdom.
But your love and innocence remains etched in my thoughts.
That music floods the soul.
"Mommy, listen, that's my heartsong."
Deep breaths can no longer control my emotion.
Thank you.
May your wisdom and memory live on.
Those words will forever resonate in me.

Poetry by Shas Ramlogan
Read 1367 times
Written on 2006-06-21 at 02:27

Tags Admiration  Memory 

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Zoya Zaidi
"What strength! What inspiration! What wisdom!
Flowing from a pen cradled in an angel's grasp."

Beautifully written tribute!

**Hugs Shas**
love, xxx, Zoya

Amanda K
a masterpiece. good job Shas!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up,

Onyeka Nwelue
Well, we have cried together with her Mom and I am trying not to cry any more, since we know Mattie lived a fulfilled life, no matter that he died at 13. Sure, this is a great poem and the only that I can count on that would make Mattie happy forever.

Shas, may the Almighty God bless you for taking part in this project to keep Mattie's memory alive.

I will rate this poem 50.

The descriptions, imagery, and emotions that flow in this poem run deep..I have chills even on this hot, humid day.

Shas, I am trying not to cry as I read this. Your work has always touched me deeply, particularly when you write about others. This is a lovingly crafted tribute to a wonderful young man. You have ensured that Mattie Stepanek will never be forgotten, and his memory will be honored here on the bay forever by this beautiful poem.

I've generally stopped rating poems; consider this one rated 10 for pure sincerity.

Malin Johansson
a very smooth and touching poem to honour a wisdom that has touched you!!
Regards :)

an awesome delivery my good friend...

Mischa Ash Brookes
This is a genuine, heartbreaking piece filled with love and admiration and beauty. I had seen Mattie on some talkshows and he as well as his poetry was amazing. Thank you for keeping his memory alive. We need more people like you in the world. Keep it up, Shas.


Kathy Lockhart
Oh Shas, what a loving and beautiful tribute. You have written a masterpiece of love and admiration. Your emotions are deeply moving to me. My heart is overflowing with feelings that are rising up within me after reading this poignant piece. kathy

Love Knight
i can tell you loved this person even of the lack of vision. i love this poem.