I've been emotionally tormented by the terrorists' acts on the Beslan school which killed 186 children. I have not done this little angel's heart-breaking story justice, but the way I feel can never be expressed by the most descriptive of words.

Beslan Angel 186

The angels sing in chorus
Their wings cascading her tiny soul
Her eyes awake, mirroring the glow of the morning sun
Excited, she leads her mother through the dusty street
Their fingers united, following the yellow bus to school
Her brother draped lovingly, cradled in warmth
Cries and laughter of excitement escape the doors
They enter, never to leave the same.

Darkness has engulfed them
Portrayed by black masks and explosives
She can not cry
Her body lacks the essence for tears
Dehydrated, she clings to her mother
Her brother fainting into death
The heavy cries are growing silent
They are hoping, they are praying.

An angel descends to Earth
His wings hidden beneath his jacket
Guns to his back, he begs those behind the masks
Compassion is a sign of compromise
Mistaken for hope
The emaciated infants depart
Some to freedom, some to heaven
Her mother desperate for a chance.

But their fingers rip apart
And time slows
She cannot go with her mother
"Leave now with your baby, or they both stay"
The pieces of her mother's heart echo as they fall
How can a mother leave a child behind?
But how can a mother deprive a child of life?
Her mother's back disappears into the light.

She cries her last cry
She screams her last scream
She trembles like the walls around her
She burns as the fires besiege
She is alone in her last moments
She is six years old
She is one of the hundreds
She is a Beslan angel.

Poetry by Shas Ramlogan
Read 1422 times
Written on 2006-05-29 at 00:46

Tags Death  Pain 

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I am sitting here in tears at this striking piece of poetry..the imagery you have captured here is unreal..bravo!

this is an amazing touching emtional text and i love it i also am going to bookmark this!!
amber lynn

I shuddered as I read this...then I couldn't move, couldn't breathe, and by the third stanza, I had tears in my eyes. You must feel very strongly indeed about this to think that it is not expressed in these words. You have amazing talent, my friend...it's just so hard for me to accept that such terrible things can happen in our world.

Shas, this poem is filled with such raw emotion,it is indeed a brilliant write...sublime quality

this poem is absolutely heart wrenching :( and beautiful all at the same time :) .... i love the title 'beslan angel 186' ... remembering those who died in that horrible incident :( R.I.P...)) well done shastri :P

Amanda Manmohan
This poem was extremely depressing but still brilliant. Your imagery was amazing and it was written in a way to really tug at the strings of the readers heart. It's beautiful :)

Zoya Zaidi
Love, xxx, Zoya

Kathy Lockhart
Shas, I have no words! I am awe-struck; I am sorrow-filled; I am speechless! Bless you dear one for writing this piece. I know the Angels smile down from Heaven because you cared so much to write this beautiful tribute for them. Kathy

Mischa Ash Brookes
What a breath-taking and passionate poem. Just picturing the scene brings me almost to tears. It is truly stunning your portrayal of such a heart-wrenching tale.

Julie Shehata
An amazingly moving piece. Truly a beautifully written tribute to the " Beslan Angel".