How sad are the times are now!
Look how far back we have - GONE!
Food Banks
Houses/Homes those who have them - to costly to heat them!
Water to drink - to wash - to clean now more like a luxury!
Profits to make - though not for the likes of most!
Profits - made out of those in need - for others greed!
Those - who are profiteering - at our expense!
Not paying taxes - profits - sent overseas!
So has not pay taxes - as they should be PAYING!
Tax - only the little people pay tax!
Food banks now - updated soup kitchens?
Some names change names - while remain as were!
Homeless - living on the streets - down and outs?
Gorge Orwell - his spirit - awakes - ready with pen?
WE are heading foreword - back in time!

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-11-15 at 10:21

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Rob Graber
Our so-called president assures us that smart people pay no taxes. We pay only because we are stupid. What a sterling example! What a true patriot!

Women 's rights, so bitterly fought over so many years aer being lost. I can sew indecency laws againt women coming back where the woman who is raped is punished and the man praised. Worst of all, it's some of the women who cheer for this!
Equality of races and color are returning to 1940's era. White supremasists have been set.loose again. The loosers who can't excel at anything but at having a white skin are now free to spill their hate. What next? Mercy for the poor is not encouraged and taxes for the rich are beinf cut in huge amouns. The elimination of the middle class will bring economic ruin to the countries. There is no end to all tha is being destroyed. Maybe Mother Earth will put a stop to this ignorant species sincw we have turned its beauty and plenty into a slimy swamp full of holes ro take our her ptecioua insids: oul, precious metalas, even irs water is polluted. i'll stop, or I could go.on forever. These greedy governments must be toppled.

For sure ken. World can't make up its mind. Even
coming back with music box that plays records. And
typewriters from yesteryear. Wish they'd come back
with the nice clothes instead of those ill fitting crap
of today that they make too small for the size they
stick on them.