Sat on the The Loop Bus
Bus stops two young woman
Get on
One sits next to me
Both in deep conversation - her mate
Sits a seat close by
While one now sits next to me
On going conversation with her mate
Other listening - oh what a good listener she!
I sat there - playing my part - silent - stays stum
Your woman sat next to me - not at all well
Problems with kidneys - in pain - only twenty three
Her friend - remaind listening - soothing words - said
Smiling - showing - she were listening - still
The young woman - worrying - that no one understood
Why she were being sick - not eating properly - throwing up
Her mum - had to clean up after her
I spoke up then: '' Know - even a stranger - is thinking out to her ''
She thanked me - we all three smiled
The Loop - stopped at the A&E - they got off
I said to her friend - '' Your a good listener '' ; she smiled - no need for words
Then I went on my way to Westwood Cross
I - a stranger - am thinking out to both - right now!

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-11-27 at 13:04

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I'm sure they appreciated your concern Ken.

It always helps if someone listens & cares.
Well done, ken.