it is a poem that examines the futility of man


In the evening of our Mortal life
Laying bare our errors past
As we all would flash back
To our morning past
In the twilight of our empty hopes
...the renewal of our fragile skin
Our two legs most transcends to three
Like the Samson of old
Shall the demise of our strength come to past
Cross-legged we both embraced HER
From the part, we all must trend
Someday, oneday.

Poetry by diora
Read 966 times
Written on 2006-05-24 at 10:40

Tags Death 

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I loved this text
Welcome to Poetbay

Zoya Zaidi
Hey, that is an interesting write,
We'll all flash back one day,
And look back upon our lives:
As movies flashing in front of our eyes,
As if it happened to some else,
Especially the time well spent.
While time regretted, always stays,
The time cherished tends to slip away
from the treasure house of memory.
Isn't it strange my friend?
We are affected by the saddest part,
While happy part of our lives,
Just becomes a dream...

Oops! Now that has become a poem,
I must go and paste it on my page!

Sorry my friend, you poem was so inspiring, it just triggered my thoughts and I got carried away...

***Hugs for the inspiring write***

Welcome to the bay, dear diora!

Love, xxx, Zoya

Onyeka Nwelue
Somewhat complex, but enjoyable. I loved this.

Dear Chocolate African brother, welcome to