may 10th 2006

I should have known better

I hate you
I never want to see you again
You cheated on me
And expect me to forgive you again....
I forgave you the last few times
I can't forgive you again for all I am doing
Is killing myself on the inside
You make me want to die
I hate you so much that I hope that
This girl plays you like you played me
I shouldn't have to put up all with this
You told me that you loved me
And I was the stupid one to believe you
I can't even believe what you have done to me
You told me that she was just a friend
I can't take this no more
You are just treating me like a random chick
I thought I was the chick you were going to make your wife???
I stopped looking at you now
And I am looking past you
I can't take this no more
When I heard all I thought of was you and I
I shed so many tears now
Over all the lies
I should have known better
I hope that you are happy with that nasty chick!!!!

Poetry by lynn
Read 412 times
Written on 2006-05-25 at 20:27

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go girl!!!!that the girl power!
i really like your poem...can i include it on my faves???