Last night on my way home from work
I started to cry uncontrollably
I tried to stop myself
But the just kept coming
As the night replayed in my head
I simply couldn't understand
I couldn't read your thoughts
I couldn't read your eyes
And I couldn't read your expressions
I couldn't tell what you were thinking
As I left we said our goodbyes
You smiled your smile
Just then did I realize
That I read it on your face
That you were in love with me too
I heard you on the phone
With your girlfriend fighting
When you suddenly hung up
And winked at me
When I got home
I walked straight to my room
And realized, that you really do love me.

Poetry by lynn
Read 413 times
Written on 2006-05-25 at 20:30

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uncertainty, reticence to believe the person we have eyes for may feel the same... so we look for signs, expressions, mannerisms - trying to uncover if the feelings are mutual... it is a little fiesta in the system those situations... sometimes our impression is right, and sometimes its only influenced by our feelings and desire to be with that person... i think you portray it very well in this poem... nicely written... thanks for sharing :f

later... xx

Dave Glavin
Sure your not confused about that guy. :)