Wrote this during spanish class... Was thinking about writing a song, but I can't do that too often or something. huzzah.


A scar means never forget
A scar means always regret

all the things that might have been
but for all the cries of when

the answer: often never

for the easiest lie is
"forever and to the end."

Poetry by Andy
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Written on 2006-05-26 at 21:00

Tags Scars  Lies  Forever 

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This is amazing.. I can relate.. but the way I see it oyu can have scars on the outside and the inside.. so this is deffinately well written.. agh. I love hte honesty... about the biggest lie.. from my personal expierience I think the biggest lie is I love you or I care... especialy with the "forever" at the end... kudos!

Kathy Lockhart
What a write! Good points made in a very artistic and unique way. Now, can you translate this into Spanish. :)) kathy

The first two lines are just the best!

The last line is a perfect cap-off :_)