Sweet Indulgence

The morning train, a busy day,
Sat by the window, I looked through the glass,
You whispered in my ears, the last night's tales,
Hmm, I got bit of work to do, Oh! some one next to me,
As the doors closed, the soft breeze, brought
The sent of your body subtly to my breath

The train starts to move, gotten rather noisy,
And you stood by my seat, looking into my eyes,
Longing for more, blushing myself,
Nowhere to hide, I looked out the window
Whilst the moving greens, I closed my eyes
And went into my dreams, you held me by hand,
Placed a kiss on my wrist, we looked at each other,
And exchanged sweet submission, an irresistible
Attraction and a unexplainable emotion

Ah the ticket collector woke me up
Checked on my pass, I returned to my dreams,
Your arms around my neck, I rest on your chest,
Calm and content, towards my destination.

Poetry by Bunny
Read 625 times
Written on 2018-07-08 at 12:55

Tags Dream  Indulgence 

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