Day twenty four of our holiday and day twelve in hospital 20th of July 2018 by Ann Wood

Day twenty four of our holiday and day twelve in hospital 20th of July 2018, it is Friday morning I am awake but still in bed watching outside the view from my window, it is look like to be a nice day again. My mobile is ringing and I answer it it was my sister in law to see how am I today and did have any news. At eight o'clock I get ready for breakfast and go to the dinning room, I eat something just to can get my diabetic medication and go back to my room. Few minutes later one of my doctors come to see me and says that I will go home this afternoon. I wasn't happy, because they wasn't did all tests I was to have. I start to get my stuff in my travel bags and waiting for my discharge letters. My mobile ring again it was my Mom and she wasn't happy too. It is Friday and I have to wait until Monday morning to can go and see in private specialist doctors to continued with my treatment. Day care unit is expensive, but I not have choice. I am very upset with this doctors, and ask them can I pay the consultant with other doctors and the tests which must be doing in hospital not in out patient's clinics, they says no, we did everything for our clinical pathway, sorry. After twelve o'clock I finally was ready to go home. My auntie come to take me home. When we get home we left my bags and go out for walk and shopping. It is St Ilia's day today and the sea getting victims, we go to the church and I pray for all my family and friends to be with good health and luck, happiness and peace in the world. Then we go back to my brother home and I make some lunch and we eat. After that she go home and I wait for my brother to get back from work. This evening he will go to my home city for a week to see me family there. When he back we talk and I make dinner for us. Then we watching TV and eat our supper. At ten o'clock he go to get a shower and get ready for his journey back home. I was feel sad that I will be alone for a week, but I was have to go and do all this tests they didn't did. He left after eleven o'clock in the night and I was watching TV until three o'clock in the next morning, then I go to bed for few hours good night all sweet dreams sleep well.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-08-02 at 01:23

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