Day twenty seven of our holiday and day three in day care unit 23rd of July 2018 by Ann Wood

Day twenty seven of our holiday and day three in day care unit 23rd of July 2018, it is Monday morning and I am getting a shower, before I go to my day care unit, for some more tests. I call my auntie to tell her that I will be in her house in haft an hour and that first I will go to get my travel card for a day. It is a bit chilly morning, but not that cold. We expecting some rain today and I get umbrella with me. I get ready and leave the house at 0945hrs, go to the bus stop and get my daily travel card. Then look around the shops until my auntie come to meet me. We go back to the bus stop and there I meet one of my friends from the hospital, she also go to visit her doctor about her surgery in few weeks. We wait for the tram to come and get in. It was busy morning and the tram was full. We travel about twenty minutes then left the tram and walk to the hospital. First we go to see nefrology doctor, but she was busy and we have to wait for her. Until we wait we go to next door to get appointment for other specialist doctor about my pituitary gland. When we back to the nefrology doctor she just was back and before us was have few people. We sit and wait to see her when she finish with them. When my turn come I get inside her office and show her all my paper work from hospital and tell her who send me to see her. She read my papers and then examinations on me. She send me for MRI too. Then we go to see my other doctor, but she was busy with other patients before me. When my turn come she look my papers and tests results, ask me some questions and also send me for MRI on my head. She say that I may need to be readmitted in hospital again after one month time, for more tests and therapy. We left and go to the other hospital for the MRIs. The weather start to change, it is look like that soon will raining and storming. We change two buses and as we left the second one it start very heavy rain's. We walk to the hospital with our umbrella's, but it was very windy and we put them back down. Once we get in hospital we found out that the doctor is not there until Thursday, his Secretary give me his mobile number to call him to see when he can see me. We wait to see if the rain will stop, but it wasn't stop and I call for taxi. When the taxi come I try to call the doctor, but he don't answer. Then my mobile ring and it was my sister in law, to see what we did today. When we reach the house I pay the taxi and go to the shop for some stuff for my lunch and supper. I get some water and fresh fruits and ready meal from the hot buffet. Then go home and get a shower again because I was wet from the rain. This afternoon I get some rest and call my brother and my Mom too. Then washed my clothes and put them to dry. After that I watching TV and some movies until supper time. After supper I call my auntie and my friend. Then I watching TV until three o'clock in the morning. Good night sweet dreams sleep well all.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-08-03 at 22:17

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