Day thirty of our holiday and day six in day care unit 26th of July 2018 by Ann Wood

Day thirty of our holiday and day six in day care unit 26th of July 2018, it is six o'clock and I am in the shower getting ready for my appointment this morning for MRI. I get dressed and go out because my taxi will be coming any minute. It is look like that it will raining later on I get my umbrella with me too. I am down in the street and waiting for the taxi when my phone is start ringing, it is my auntie to wish me luck and ask if I want her to come with me, I tell her I will be fine alone and that I will see her later on when I get back at home. My taxi come bit early and we start our journey early then planned. I arrive in hospital just after seven o'clock. Get in and go to sit and wait for my appointment to come. Around 0745hrs I get coffee and something to eat to can get my medication. When the doctor come he see me and send me to the nearest hospital to have my MRI in this one they have only CT scan. He call them that I will be there in few minutes up to half hour. I call for taxi again and go outside to wait for it. Taxi is come in ten minutes time and I have to back again on Monday for my other scan. I arrive in hospital just before ten o'clock and go to the reception to ask where I have to go, the lady tell me to go outside of the main entrance and on the right have other entrance for MRI unit. I go there and the lady on the desk ask me am I come from the other hospital that doctor B. P send me, I say yes I am. She give me questioner to answer then write my name on log book and let me to the scan room. There other nurse come and ask me few more questions, then they call the doctor to ask if I need any allergy injection and he say yes. They give me the injection and then I get into the machine and they start the preparation for the scan. I was there for almost over an hour they put some drip during the scan for better vision of the picture. After they finish I was feeling not very well, they get me to sit and wait for few minutes to see how I will feel. Then check my blood pressure and it was a bit high I take my medication and breakfast. Then I pay for the scan 390 pounds and left the unit. I go to the nearest shop to buy some food and get change for the taxi then I cat for taxi to go home. I sit outside to wait for the taxi when it is start to rain. Taxi come and it was same driver from early on I give the address and call my auntie to let her know that I am on my way home. Then my sister in law call me to see what I am doing, I ask her what she want to get for Sunday when they will come back home from Varna. Once I reach the house I go to the shop and buy something ready cook for lunch because I was tired to cook and then eat. After I finish my shopping it was stop raining and I go for walk in the park. At one o'clock I finally go home and have my lunch and rest. Then my mom call me to see what I did today and what doctors says. In the afternoon I washing my clothes and watching TV then cook some dinner. My auntie come to visit me at six o'clock and brink some fruits. When she go I have supper and watching TV the evening news on channel one. Then watching some movies and make few phone calls. At one o'clock I finally go to bed good night sweet dreams sleep well all.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-08-16 at 13:12

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