All those years ago

Disabled, My story
An excuse I have to face the reality
And go crashing head first
In hope to disfigure my broken body
But nothing works
I remain broken and disabled
Inside this shelf
Its been life
and the only thing i can learn
is the broken part of me
so henceforth i have the trouble in recognizing the reality
there's pain and empty void that I can never fill
a struggle to keep up with the things i never want
and blinded are the things i need
i pick the blade to cut open my skin
to take the pieces apart and throw them away
as so it happens i slowly lose everything
a curse at its best
i'm trapped inside my fucking insecurities
i fought a million times
and each time it tightened the reins
now i cant move
a phase of time just disappeared
and i can't cry for the creep in me
walks to the edge of the world
and plays the dance of death
if i could change something i would
all those years ago
that little child crying for the first time
i would just kill him
right there and then

Poetry by Manish Pokharel
Read 260 times
Written on 2019-01-08 at 06:38

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