Let me call this my home

Take a trip to the house of the hollow pain
In a lonely crowded place
Surrounded by the emptiness
Guided by the darkness
And a feeling of dreadful cold
Uninhabited for the eyes of the living
But is where the Satan dwells
Here lies my soul

I come around here to please
The hatred for the world I know
Selling myself to the name
A sign for eternity
For the way out of this unknown
And then the leaves start to fall
The blowing wind crawls around my neck
And I walk through the pavement
And knock upon his door

"Is Satan home?
I need to meet him
Will you tell him I'm lost?
I'm here to surrender
With the deal
Let me call this my home"

Rise of the shadow from the throne
I fit in with my crawl the hole in my soul
I lay down and close my eyes
A call on my name
I choke
I'm finally home

Poetry by Manish Pokharel
Read 243 times
Written on 2019-03-18 at 08:22

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