The Middle Period (remix)

a lazy post-jesuit physicist
breaks the chains of the master
shifting with dancer's grace
between belief and existence
even with perfect clocks he can't escape
the ghost in the machine

big nosed, scrawny and underweight
the only successful revolutionary
common sense his weapon
never fired in anger
his modesty and tolerance were legendary
he had no time for fanatics
he still lights fires

excommunicated lens polisher
convinced monist
reuses the ontological argument
despite its proven absurdity
his system a magnificent glittering failure
he is forced to cling to god

the ingenious priest
presented at court
as westward the course of the empire
took it's way
what he posited
could not be disproved
nor could it be believed

a polymath who
shook the world to its foundations
armed with an esoteric tool-kit
his hunt for an idealist metaphysics
wrecked on the rocky absence
of primitive concepts

rotund and cheerful
developing the logic of his ideas
to the bitter end
a special place in hell
is reserved
for students claiming refutation

the seven years war
the french revolution
while cannon thunders
he has learned that
causality is not analytic
he wonders
about a priori synthetic judgments

Poetry by Wumbulu
Read 387 times
Written on 2019-01-24 at 03:05

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