This is my interpretation of the world... I probably shouldn't say that so you could interpret it as you would like. You still can, you can se this a totally different way than I do...


Walking through a metallic forest
bushes of barb wire, trees of stainless steel

Three copper crows sitting in a tree
singing with their hollow voices
"pip" "pip" "pip" like my alarm clock

The sterling silver ground feels ice cold against my feet
but my eyes are drawn to a bundle of mushrooms
all identical, must be the same model
They seem brand new to this forest

The gold daisies branch out in solitary
twenty-four carat and so fragile
I could easily tilt them to the ground
crooked for life, compelled to restraint
but no

They seem so lonely drowning in the lack of light
older trees are just to big and won't let the radiance shine to the ground
absorbing what they can, stealing all essence of energy

Shades lie hidden in every corner, slithering its way like a snake in Eden
It's all so cold, feels strangely similar to my fridge
cold, icy also with a stainless steel finish
I overpaid for it.....

But I guess that is just the way this forest was meant to be

Poetry by Raven Alarco
Read 852 times
Written on 2006-05-30 at 15:25

Tags World  Cold 

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I like the way you compare the world we see today with this metallic forest..and I can understand your interpretation too...because in my eyes it`s not far from the truth...I like this poem:)

Slightly surrealistic. I like the copper crows, and the main thread of contrasts between nature and obsolete (?) metals.