This is old, I dunno... I was down at that time

A Glassful Of Glee

Drowning my sorrows in a glassful of glee
But a failure I am and forever will be

Swallowing a pill to ease the pain
But the agony inside will always remain

Injecting the needle for one last thrill
But life is tragic and always will

Slashing my skin to free the strain
But the pain in my soul sticks like a stain

Torture compels me to a devious deed
But this thing I shall do is the thing that I need

And this freedom awaits me this freedom at last
And my sad little life, it belongs to the past

Poetry by Raven Alarco
Read 748 times
Written on 2006-07-13 at 21:40

Tags Pain  Cut  Free 

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Zoya Zaidi
Don't be so disheartened,
Don't think it is the last,
Life is too precious and it will last.
You will survive agaist all ods,
Don't drown yourself in these
Silliest of thouughts,
That it is the end of the day;
Because night will depart,
Welcome to the bay