After Her

A paradigm for life
To provide sustenance and faith
And live forever
In the arms of Gabriel

We suffocate
As her nipples pierce my weak knees
This order for life
To the virtue of patience
To provide sustenance and faith
And I am expected to believe?

Crucify I say!
Give her a new life
If she floats
And God forgives her

We force her hands into
The crucible of smelting semen
We admonish her to drink
Where is the Devil in residence
Put him forth
Into the light
And we can see
The Devil exists in every child that's born
Into you and into me.

Too many sacrifices
We have to agree
Some are just born to die
And some to lead this life
Don't you want to live forever
And drink the blood
That falls from his side

This is not a movie
This is not a satire
This is she
In all her bitter hurtful sardonic splendor

Poetry by Shahdele Isman
Read 811 times
Written on 2006-05-30 at 19:08

Tags Anger 

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this poem is pretty impressive...i remember when i used to write like that...gothic/dark poems about life and the oppression that we face...i like this one though, really felt the emotions that were coming through in it...i like your style*

Zoya Zaidi
My O my how you write!
Sharp, scathing, bitter!
But powerful, I like it!

Welcome to the bay dear Shahdele Isman!
love, xxx, Zoya
PS. All the best!