Lost Forevermore

To be honest
I've never wished for
This to take a serious turn
Like some kind of religion

I've never called upon
These whisperings
As I close my eyes
Bidding me of yesteryears
Walking to khaki beaches
And its sea-drenched fragrance
Capturing emotions like a net

I've never wanted more
Then a quiet life
To kiss the silence of contentment
That grew beside
Our hushed disheveled bough
Masking the sorrows
That pollutes the minds
Of man

I've never been appealed
To this manic rampage
That intrudes as she left
Their Gods and Demons
Waging my company
As if speaking in tongues
And body languages
I cannot understand
They spoke
And they danced
W/their genitals on the floor

To be honest
I've never asked
For anything more
But to lie down
On her quiet side.

Is it too much to ask

Poetry by Shahdele Isman
Read 797 times
Written on 2006-05-30 at 19:10

Tags Memories 

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Zoya Zaidi
No, you do not ask for much!
But you give so much,
Joy with your writting!

Hey you are Good!

Welcome again to the Bay!

We are blessed with another talent on the bay!

xxx, Zoya