Lay your body down next to me
Let the world swallow us whole
The sky is a-cackling and a-cracking
The sea, trembling wave over wave
Where are the clouds that have sheltered us
I think it is time
We took pleasure in details

The world stood rooted
We watch as they die
The non-believers as
They shook from the hip
And their faith floats off from their ashen faces
Slowly lands onto the floor

We are solving man's ultimate crisis
Of power
Of energy
Of peace
Of love
Of our own selfish meaning

Yield to him
When the wings of Black Death ensues
Cover us whole, immaculately perfect
Grasping them from the toe
And some from the hair
They remain adamant
They do not relent
They could not see
They were not learned
Of the truth

For there is no truth
But truth that is clear and akin to you

Poetry by Shahdele Isman
Read 839 times
Written on 2006-05-30 at 19:14

Tags Truth 

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Zoya Zaidi
Another powerful piece.
You have unique style,
But all your own!
Do you write in your language too?