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NOTE:  2019 03 01  19H17 EST  Ramblings 479 -

Ramblings 479


Must admit I was taken a little aback

When you said what you said recently

I know that my surprise isn't from out

Of nowhere considering how you've been

With me in the last long while since you lied

And I found you out not for the reasons

You've been propagating among my friends

And you know it, that you crossed a line

You then turn around and say what you said

Who's the true miserable and questionable one?


You've made things unbearable for a while

But now I'm confident about who I'm dealing with

So you'll have to excuse me if I don't return the sentiment

You've caused enough damage and I won't let you anymore

I don't know how you mesmerize otherwise intelligent people

To believe all of your fabulations and defense mechanisms

That kick in for survival and saving your face when they start

To crumble and threaten to make you lose your credibility

You'll bury anyone in your path who contradicts you

Or is able to bring to light what you're actually doing... right?


So I'm not quite sure why you said what you said recently

And why you're currently seeking me out in this manner



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Written on 2019-03-02 at 00:50

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I think you have it right.*