A storm, shoals and wicked surprises are in store before this long night is through

Part IV The Laird Jake... Stranger Than True...

We're on the run of fox and hounds
The launch behind is not that sound
but a pair of straight eight Packards
Are driving her hull to fast forward

She's not built for weather but her master
Knows that his boss is a bastard
with a long arm and a merciless heart
for those who loose his precious quarts

The Jake is making way quite well
but the launch astern is breasting swells
and gaining on us over time
There's no doubt we'll have to pay the dime

The border's close but no cigar
unless he turns at the US door
By gar he's breached the border now
We're in for trouble come on old scow

And scow he is that makes me think
There's a way out of this nasty stink
Jake's flat bottomed with centerboards
We'll head for shallows and mark my word

That launch will ground as sure as hell
While we slide through without having to bail
Young Jim haul the boards and be aware
Watch the trim and balance or there'll be a scare

The Jake is top heavy without his ballast
Hung well below his chines but He'll last
Long enough to draw that launch
To those hungry rocks to be their lunch

The trick worked well and we slid by
We watched the launch explode and Biye
I'll tell you true that master flew
out of that craft and into the spew

Now Sailing's hard and dying a fact
but I couldn't see that fellow racked
up on Pelee's shore a corpse all white
For the world to see so we hauled up tight

On another tack then jibed around
To find him barely hanging on
Young Jim Tossed him out a ring
And the fellow grasped it as his last thing

Hauled him aboard then we thought
What do you do with a nasty sort
Who would have left us there to drown
If the tables were turned and we were aground

on Pelee Isle there lived a guy
Would help us out and not ask why
He's a thinker Philosopher they say
But good in a scrap if come what may

He got a name but no one knows
It cause he uses Fog and woes
the man who laughs at that
He's a quiet man but he'll cut no slack

Jim hauled this bad guy over the rail
Gave him kill devil to keep him hail
Then trussed him up and asked his name
Ness he said with a look of shame

That's all we got he clammed up tight
just sat there dripping a sorry sight
We altered course for Scudder Town
On Pelee Isle about four miles down

The storm had left us far behind
A good thing too that the weather was kind
We turned starboard to sight the range
and into Scudder Town we came

That's it for now I'll be back in time
By gar I'm almost out or rhyme

Poetry by josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 388 times
Written on 2019-03-15 at 14:56

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I'm charmed by many things here, but especially by the rhyme of master/bastard. And I'm implicated by (caught up in) the story!

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
A fine yarn! I believe that I'll go fix myself a drink.