Abecedarian Alliteration: A-Z



Acid accrued,
belching buttery bewilderment.

Chiding, cyanide cynics
dashed deadwood disguises,
eating every easy entry's ego.

Forbidden fool's folly,
gutted guile's guilty gall.

Heaven's Hell holds hungry hostages
insulated in idealism's iconic idols.

Jaunticed journey jilted jinxed jealousy.

Kyrie kisses karma's kin,
letting love's lament linger,
momentarily mixing mirage's miracle-
never needing nothing not naturally nourishing.

Obsessions osscillate our oasis of omission.

Pretend parodic palaces perish peacefully,
quietly quilting queenly quizzical quagmires.

Rogue ragamuffins race radical,
slivering secrets' seasoned soft silence.

Tumblebugs tidy the terror's turd
under usurious Utopia.

Vacuous vagabond's vanity
withers with whimsey's wanton wile.

Xeric xeno xebecs
yoke yesteryear's yellowing yachts,
zealously zig-zagging Zion's Zodiac Zoo.



Poetry by melanie sue
Read 804 times
Written on 2019-04-29 at 15:15

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chuma okafor
You are indeed very creative, well crafted.