this poem is so stupid but i put a little work into it!

a fun poem about me!

A- Amber Lynn is my name
B- Babysitting I love to do
C- Chilling with friends is fun
D- Dancing and dancing around the room
E- Excited for school to end I am
F- Final exams suck ass
G- Great friend I am trying to be
H- High school is hard to do
I- I love the summer
J- Jedli oh I can't wait to hangout again
K- Kids I want to have
L- Lovable that's me
M- Many laughs I can produce
N- Never will I die without a fight
O- Only will I smile for you
P- Please understand this confusing poem
Q- Quite I never am
R- Reading poems I LOVE to do
S- See me now you don't
T- Tell me that you love me
U- U will be loved back very much by me
V- Very weird I am
W- Well I guess this isn't a good poem
X- x-friends I hate to be
Y- Yes I really do love you
Z- Zebra's fly over the moon

Poetry by lynn
Read 936 times
Written on 2006-05-31 at 17:41

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Cute and funny--nice job:)

Great poem Lynn:D And yeah, I do love Lynn, a good friend you are, you produce many laughs indeed, you fight no matter what you do, weird you are but thats good cause I am just as weird, and it is a good poem:D

Love from Alex

lolzz...i was expecting the poem to be on very intellectual lines ...and all of a sudden im landed with funny bombshell..

Christian Ward
cute lil acrostic

you don't sound weird