I WANT TO BE A WOMAN !!! by Blaga Dimitrova traslated by Ann Wood


How anxious to be a Woman ...
Beauty and a smile to be
in the everyday gray circle,
fidelity - against the volatile wind,
tenderness - in the turbulent world.
Of the innumerable ways of the earth
the most risky to choose -
the reckless path of the heart,
and all the way to go.
Your only joy to be
joy to give ... To be in the night
a bright window waiting
the first step woke up the morning.
You, the weakness, to support
the strength of the hand is stiff.
And the unforgiving forgiveness,
and build a life of debris.

Responsible to be a Woman!
The future to wear in the womb,
to continue in a child's cry
long silent kiss.
Eternity to do from a short moment.
Your arms outstretched
swing to become a new life.
At night, sleeping over him sleeplessly,
bright as the veil of the vault.
Every childish smile - with a wrinkle to pay
and in hair with frost.
Tear down the tear of the new blade
your beauty to surrender.
Nothing for yourself to leave ...

She is sacrificing to be a Woman!
And to a wounded, broken breast
the clean springs to defend -
just for the world to exist.

I am proud,
that I was born Woman!

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-05-19 at 04:04

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