My Childhood

And Then What?

I liked being short. I would sit
On my daddy's knee and he'd
Bounce me. The stairs were

Vast mountains and I was there
To climb them. My mummy
Would tuck me in every night

After I had struggled into my
Train engine pyjamas. The TV
Would entertain me. I could go

To Andrews house whenever I
Wanted to without ringing up.
We would play in the garden.

My nanny would sing me songs
From Slovakia and I would try
To sing them back to her. I

Would work and laugh at the
Same time. The playground had
Worms in it. And things were big.

Poetry by Frederick James
Read 818 times
Written on 2006-06-01 at 11:40

Tags Childhood  Children  Romanticism 

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This endearing and bright reminiscent poem seems to be asking for a second poem - maybe of transition into or about adolescence and growing up.... of being 'not so short' any longer.

Interested to read more of your poems! Keep them coming. :_)

Pamela A Lamppa
...and things were big. Ohhhhh. You simply took me with this line. Such a pure and melancholoy write. This is terrific. What a pleasure to read such refreshing work. Well done. ~Pam