I do have a lot of Books. I love them - but they have become a bit dusty in my weird little flat.


Falls from walls as some wooden cover
For books, in words that sit like sad
Footpaths' fences - straight and brown.

Titles forward glare in you and stretch,
Though worn their spines still pose upright
Tasting air and dust, breathing heavy.

Poetry by Frederick James
Read 876 times
Written on 2006-06-02 at 12:23

Tags Book  Dust  Age 

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Joseph J. Breunig 3rd
An enjoyable piece; it's funny how we can be attached to things, such as simple books; nicely done. --Joe

Amy Buchanan
I have lots of books also. A few of my paperbacks have covers missing or the pages fell out and had to be taped back in. I love my books also and would not part with them. Thank you for the poem!

boo-hoo.... I miss my books now.....
I had collected something over a thousand of them and they are in my mum's house.
I have a new collection building up.....
but the old ones are still the best.....
Thanks for that poem.....it got me on a really personal level.

Pamela A Lamppa
Books. Amazing creatures aren't they? I simply loved your descriptions here.
"Footpaths fences - straight and brown" Simply Brilliant. Thank you for sharing this piece with us all. I loved it. ~Pam