Day trip to the beach at Bognor Regis UK, with my friends Mattie, Harry and Kanwal Kaur by Ann Wood

Day trip to the beach at Bognor Regis UK, with my friends Mattie, Harry and Kanwal Kaur. It is 10th of July 2019, early in the morning, my mom go to work and I start getting ready for our trip to the beach later this morning. I get into the shower and have my shower, then I brosh my teeth and get dressed. After that I take my medications and some breakfast. After breakfast I make some sandwiches, and fruits salad for us to take it on the beach. Around 0715hrs I go to the shop around the courner of my moms house, to get some water, juice, and some more picnic food. Then go back at home and start to put everything I will need for the trip to take with me. Around 0830hrs I get out to wait my friends to come. We will go with some other people from my friend Matties club. At 0900hrs we were ready to go when one of the ladies remember that she forget hers scoters baterry at home and that hers daughters is on hers way to bring it up to us. Hers daughter arrieve around 0915hrs and we was ready to go when the organisator of this trip found out that one of the ladies is still not hear and we need to waiting for her too. After that she call her that we will start traveling and she can meet us on main road, because we already late with almost 30 minutes. She come and we get travel again. It is was such a nice journey and we was have fun in the bus. I was take some pictutes on the bus and from the lovely view out too. We arriev at Bognor Regis around 1147hrs and they tell us that we will go back at 1630hrs to Slough. We go to the cross of the road to the beach and have some snacks and drink. After that we play a game who will found more beautiful sea shelfs and stones, take some more pictures and sayings some jockes. Then my friends Harry and Kanwal got to the water to swimming and to colect some seaweeds and corals. My friend Mattie and I was staying with ours bags and was chatting about the weather, when gaggle of gulls come near were we was stay. We watching them and the boats in the ocean over the horisont. Later on our drivers come and join us sitting near by, having theirs lunch on the beach. My friends Harry and Kanwal come join us and show us what they found in the ocean water. We have some more drink and snacks take some more pictures too and chatting about our day on the beach. Around 1400hrs we go to have our lunch and for walk around the shops near by. We was have full late English breakfs for me with meat and for my friend Kanwal the vegeterian version of it, my friend Harry was have pizza and chips and Mattie just chips fried bread and hashbrown. My mom was calling me and I wasnt hear my phone, when I was check to see what is the time I see 4 missing calls from her and call her back. We talk about our trip she ask me how am I feeling and is it very hot out. Then we go for walk and back to the beach side for some ice cream and to have rest, before we go back in the bus. I call my friend Janet to tell her that I am on day trip to the beach, but she didnt answer of her mobile. Then I call my brother inBulgaria to see what he is doing and how they are. tell him that i am on the beach with some of my friends, ask him how is was his vacation in Germany. Around 1615hrs we go back to our bus, my friends go to use the rest room and I get in the bus and sit on my place. Take some more pictures and check on my texts which I was received early on. My friends come back in the bus and we talking until everybody is coming. At 1630hrs we found out that four people from the group are missing and they start to calling them to see where are they. They come back around 1650hrs the driver put the two scoters in the luggage carrier and we start our journey back at 1700hrs. It is was a nice journey, but we were got into a trafick jam. We arrieve at my moms house around 1915hrs. I get at home go to the rest room and wash my hands, then have some supper and take a rest. I watching some Bulgarian TV, when my mom back around 2115hrs. I go to see her in other room and have chat with her. At 2200hrs I go to take my night medications and watching Bulgarian TV, until I was fall asleep. Good night everyone, sweet dreams and will see you soon all. Thank you to my friends for the lovely day out, love you guys.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-07-11 at 13:37

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