hope sparkles in our eyes of love

Hope sparkles in our eyes of love
a feeling that I want to last
a prayer for us to be together, a fantasy
heart broken without your love

Unlimited questions run through my mind
And answers we not yet found
hoping for the future and what is will bring
even though I know it will be good

nothing could break this love so strong
I know this is real it only can be
Knowing our love is made for us
we know that people care about us and this decision

Holding on to what know and want
what we have is like no other
Feeling the tears of happiness when you are gone
we have a passion like no one else

our fights never last
its impossible for me to stay mad
trying to prove to others that we are meant to be
we know that god has brought us together

loves you are by me and loved I am by you
I know what we have is so special
its like a rear diamond
the love that we share!

Poetry by lynn
Read 864 times
Written on 2006-06-01 at 19:25

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Full of heart my friend, full of heart. You have such a big kind heart:) I am proud to be your friend:) Wonderful poem:D

Love from Alex:D