The story of a forgotten wallet by Ann Wood

After yesterday's super weird Monday, which I'll tell you about below, my rigorous diet continues - all week only on boiled rice and potatoes with a little salt, and for drinking - water
Today, for my variety, I prepared rice for breakfast, potatoes for lunch and dinner for rice. Yesterday was the opposite.
And to make my water look more appetizing, I pour it in this beautiful cup of lemon slices
Squeeze your toes that I would be so against the diet, but as for health, there is no way.

Now for Monday.

Early in the morning on Monday, I leave home well-slept, alert, business-minded and in a great mood!
First I had an hour for a doctor's examination, and then I had to do a few more tasks, all at very remote places from each other. That's why I'm moving in the car.
As I enter one of the large car parks, I carefully pack the parking ticket I have to pay on my way out, in my bag, instead of in my purse, as I usually do.
Coming to the front desk at the doctor's office, it turns out that I don't have to present my health insurance card (which also always stays in my wallet) because the entire computer system in the office has a dead link. So I never bothered to take my wallet out of my bag.
It was my turn and then, as I walked to the parking lot, I spontaneously decided to go into a drugstore to buy a balm that had just ended. Holding the balm in front of the cash register, I suddenly realize that I have actually forgotten my wallet at home. With everything in it - money, documents, cards, vouchers and whatever else you can think of, it can hold a lady's wallet.
And do you know what that meant? Hey, I'll tell you now
1. All the time, I was driving without a book or ID.
2. I would not have been able to undergo a medical examination if I had to present a health card.
3. I can't get the car out of the parking lot, because for that I have to pay the ticket to open the barrier.
4. I can't even get on the bus because I can't buy a ticket (for one way in my area, the price is 2.80 euros), and if I get caught traveling gratis, the fine is 60 euros. It does not suit me years or principles and education to try grace numbers.
5. I don't even think about taxis, because taxi fares in Germany, and especially in a tourist town like Heidelberg, are quite high and it would be cheaper to go home to pay a fine on the bus.
And come early, early, 5 km city walk home, with already hot sun and temperature 27 ° C.
God, I tell myself well that I was wearing comfortable shoes and that we still live in the same city!
Along the way, I decide to call my mom to make the day's planned call and hop, it turns out that I have no credit on my prepaid card and cannot activate a call! Super 'goofy', nothing!
I get a little sour, but I pass quickly and continue to walk briskly on my way home.
After 3.5 kilometers I am at the station and since I already go to the toilet, which also pays (70 cents!), I decide to enter the only public toilet with the only 1 euro coin, which I usually hold in the key holder and use for a supermarket shopping cart.
Well, no, no! Who knows when I replaced the 1 euro coin with the plastic tag of my beloved Alnatura! And around the same public toilet is always full of beggars and bumblebees. If I was not ashamed, I would have asked them 70 c for the toilet, but empty, how do I do that, am I the one who gives them!
I squeeze hard and continue to rush home, all sweaty, cocked and shaking my head.
However, a new road is being built around the station, and everything is unrecognizable! I drive it along the old and well-known road, at the end of which there are stone steps leading to the main street, and finally, as light in the tunnel, will lead me to the path for home!
However, it turns out that neither the road is complete, nor the stairs. Probably since last Friday they have been destroyed and replaced by a huge dredge.
I don't know how desperate I must have looked for how to proceed, but passing by people without asking, I was advised to go back to the train station and walk down the only open road on which I had only seen cars by then. .
I don't know if you believe me, but from the tension I could see nothing in front of me - not the road, the people, the cars. It seemed to me that I had walked not 5 kilometers but 25 kilometers. So after finally finding the street in question, and with my last patience, I waited for the green traffic light to light up, crossing it without being hit by a bus. The driver whistled me dearly, but rightly so, and I survived !!!
The last meters I ran home and imagined I was getting on the elevator, even though we lived only on the 2nd floor. I had subconsciously calculated everything - the time in the elevator was about to find my key in my bag, and at that moment it was just bottomless!
I wish you a sunny and good Tuesday, friends and don't stop smiling and thinking positive.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-08-08 at 17:22

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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
Smiles it is not real story

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You should have stayed in bed that day!