This is the longest poem I have ever produced. This is a mini story, start to Finnish. A walk through of, reality, dreams and emotion.


In the woods we met that day
That special bond
We would later say

Who would have known
Months down the line
That you would have thrown
Me out your life

Time I gave you
When no one else would
I listened to your problems
And I understood

Strength and happiness
Is what I gave
To get you through
The darkest of days

The lies you told
The tricks you sold
To keep me in your life
Why were you cold?

When I needed help
When I needed you
When I needed support
To get me through

Where were you
In my hour of need?
Just down the road
On your knees

The only thing
That you did
Was abandon me
While you hid

You've done to me
What got done to you
All those years ago
How was I
Supposed to know
You would do the same
and more

The fantasy you created
That you made so real
As you laughed at my suffering
What an ordeal

You said I was fixated
But you just dictated
Every inch
Of my soul

You took from me
But never gave
Your cruelty sparked
For me to hate

The secrets you said
In confidence to me
Will stay closed in my mouth
Forever, maybe?

How could you be cruel
After everything we went through?
How easy it was for you
To stoop so low
For you to show
How little I mean
To you I'm nothing
It surely seems

What hurts the most
Is that you don't care
About my life
Or welfare

The pain you caused
Threw me to the floor
And you wasn't there for me

The things we went through
Way back then
Just for us
To be strangers again

You were supposed to be my friend
How could you make me sigh?
Your strength and happiness, remember?
Till the end of time

Now I wonder
As I cry
Would it have been easier
If you just died?

All the suffering
That you didn't see
because you WASN'T there

Not even

For me

Poetry by Joshua-jelly
Read 550 times
Written on 2019-08-24 at 01:07

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A poignant poem
you make your readers cry..
Thank you for sharing

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
this is sweet and sad, touching and honest. you shared your emotional journey with your readers, that isn't easy, and you did it well.