This is more of a prose or just some words of a memory that i was seeing right in front of me

Loves effects

Waiting for the train and feeling every second go by. Really feeling all the moments that are happening. My boyfriend holding me close and kissing me. Living hours apart knowing you wont see them for a while. Getting upset because you will miss them so much. Then, the train arrives and your heart jumps right to your throat and a wave of dread and sadness overcomes you.

You are the last one to get on the train. I stand at the open door on the train, sneaking a kiss waiting for the beep of the doors closing. Literally willing for time to go slower so I can savor every moment. Looking into his eyes. The longest fifty seconds but also the shortest. Then the beep of the doors about to close and your heart sinks even more, knowing there's no going back. Tears in your eyes as the door closes and your loved one is on the other side, unable to touch again.

You find your seat as you wave to him. Holding back tears unsuccessfully now as I already miss him so much. My train begins to move and I close my eyes, as I know I am actually leaving him. We still look at each other, getting further and further away, until he is out of sight.

Then your phone rings and its him, and you say that you miss them already. Just a voice he is now as the distance between you both gets bigger. So does the love between you both. I remember what that feels like.

As I sit writing this, a young woman sat in front of me, who just went through the same experience, and this is what I said to her as it brought back memories that, only now have I realized this.

It's ok to cry when you leave
Because by missing them
It makes it all more special
When you get to see them again.

She smiled.

Words by Joshua-jelly
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Written on 2019-10-09 at 18:21

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