Do you believe that everything in this world is love by Ann Wood

Do you believe that everything in this world is love? If so, do you also believe in the inexplicable, the mystery, the intuition, and isn't love the most inexplicable thing in the world? It may sound a little crazy to do all this work with angelic messages, but think for a moment.
How would you feel if you knew that someone supported you day and night, no matter what happens in your life? How would you feel if you recognized the little signs your guardian angel sends you to remind you that you are protected, that you are on the right path, and above all, that everything in this world is pure love?
This is one topic in which I believed a little more as a child and a little less as an adult. At least until recently, because I began to see these little coincidences again. Same numbers, like 11:11 on my phone screen, the same numbers, like an 11th troll that goes in front of my eyes or things just happen with ease.
One thing is for sure, there are no accidental things. And if these little signs are the work of my benevolent guardian angel, who tells me I'm on the right track - why not? Magic exists for anyone who is ready to open their eyes to it!
Angelic messages, synchronicity, intuition.
Many of us have been deprived of the necessary support during our childhood years to build our inner stability. Almost all of us, with few exceptions, are affectionately loved. Or the principle is - if you do this, I will support you, you will receive it and I will love you.
And what's going on? We grow up without a sense of psychic support, without inner stability and confidence in the world. And yet - we feel that if we do not fight and prove love and closeness, we will not deserve them. If I feel this way and someone tells me that there are angels who constantly send messages to us and love us unconditionally; who support and protect us, I will only say - "why not?".
Angelic messages can also be interpreted as an outward manifestation of our own intuition and unconscious processes. So. synchronicity, which the famous psychoanalyst Jung talks about. In other words, when the inner psychic reality finds an external reflection to remind us to look inward.
These synchronization messages or characters may be different. Usually when we talk about angelic messages we are talking about something positive, bright and loving. For example, seeing butterflies repeatedly, seeing the rainbow, or other small and positively positive little things.
How to recognize angelic signs?
Angelic messages or just coincidences, it doesn't matter. It is important how we interpret the situations in our lives. We can bypass these little feathers along the way or accept them as loving rays of light directed at us. These little messages may show us wonderful pieces of ourselves and embrace us in a loving light. To relax, to breathe with open breasts, to trust and to feel supported.
"Angel" symbols
If you happen to see an "angelic" ornament, statue, jewelry or work of art, angels remind you that they are with you and protect you. Notice the recurring signs, because nothing is accidental, but it guides us by touching our intuitive wisdom. If you often see angelic objects, this is a sure sign that your guardian angel is around and watching over you. If you find an angel wing or ornament, do not pass it. Put it in you because it is believed to carry a positive angelic energy that will give you hope in a difficult time.
Angelic songs, movies, stories
Angelic messages are innovative and can reach us through a song that contains the word "angel", a movie and even an article like this! The message goes a little further here, but it is symbolically wrapped up in a lesson that we must do for ourselves. If you hear a song that mentions an angel, listen to the lyrics. It probably contains a message you need right at this point in your life.
Random matches
If you see the same figure everywhere, or are surprised by a variety of random coincidences, this may also be a sign from your guardian angel. Be alert to angelic signs that symbolically try to give us support, light and positive energy. Feathers along the way
Feathers are one sure sign that your guardian angel is around. Feathers are one of the universal angelic symbols with which they tell us everything will be all right. If you find a feather in front of your feet, make sure that what you do is going to go great, because your angels support you.
Whether you believe it or not, you may not deny that looking into the little things that bring us light and a sense of calm is wonderful. The label doesn't really matter. Angelic messages, intuition or something else, one thing is for sure - love heals. Let's look for it and see it, because it is all around us waiting to be discovered.

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Written on 2019-09-07 at 13:54

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