Now I know I put it somewhere safe
I know I did!
In a box?
To many box's!
Maybe in a book on a shelf?
Trouble is I have so many books!
Maybe I put under a mat - maybe under the carpet!
In a pocket it is!
Pocket of what!
Coat jacket!
Blue jeans!
Could it be in my black jeans!
Just got to be somewhere!
Where in the blue blazes is it!
Has to be!
I'll have to look everywhere!
Till I find it!
I blame The God Of The Lost The Mislaid!
Oh where Oh Where is my wining lotto ticket!

Ken D Williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith Of Thanet

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-10-06 at 11:34

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It's in the fridge.