Chicken soup for the soul by unknow autor traslated by Ann Wood

Chicken soup for the soul

Were you then?
TV with stabilizer, games up to dark in front of the block; door key, KORECOM and letters to a Russian comrade, New Year's bananas and 6th century boza .... and more:
Go to the TV and plug it in from the stabilizer knob.
Put the needle on the turntable exactly where the new track begins.
Return yogurt jars and bottles to the store.
Leave the key under the mat when exiting.
Write letters to a Russian comrade.
Going to the city bath.
Wear the ribbons in the photo to show them to you and then wait to get your pictures to see them for the first time.
Call your neighbor on a Sunday morning asking them to serve you a glass of sugar because the shop is down and then give them 3-4 cupcakes in gratitude.
To knit a blouse modeled on Burda magazine.
To rush home because you will be called.
Go to a pastry shop and have one of six pour you from the faucet.
Cook the fresh milk after you buy it because it will sour.
Unlock with the key as you do on the door.
"To you two onions that I will not return."
Collect chocolate egg napkins and napkins.
Being subscribed to Nightingale, Flame, Frostbite, Funny Pictures, Space, Parallels, September ...
Get on the elevator, pull the grate and then drop a 1 cent coin to go.
To put indigo on two sheets and to write a report on biology in 2 copies.
To go into kindergarten and see all the children dressed in blue or red aprons and shorts under them, in small or large squares, like a big pie.
Smoking on an airplane.
To drink coffee grinded personally by you with a manual coffee grinder.
To get excited when they "put" something in the store.
Having to write homework and go to the reading room to look for materials because there is no Google.
Exchange gifts at New Year's School - carefully written books and turntables.
Playing from your child's balcony for dinner, not because it's dark or scary.
Going to "Household" for a frying pan, to "Fruit and Vegetable" for peppers and tomatoes, to "Young Technician" for toys, to "Household Combine" for ...
Buying records with music.
Replace the cassette strap.
Mix the scoop with sugar and a spoon until it foams to become a frappe.
Play hide and seek, guards and apaches and road signs.
Playing on the edge (without passing a car near you).
Ringing at a grandmother's door and running to hide.
Get your pantyhose on.
Cooking a homemade car mask.
Throw eggs from the balcony at your enemies.
Watch on Studio X black and white every Saturday after 11.30pm.
Jumping on an eraser on the street in front of the block.
To participate in the Lenin Saturday.
Watch Sunday morning "Fast, Brave, Skilful."
Know the smell of Corecom.
To snap at the greatness of the new Moskvich.
Gather the genus of digging or picking corn or grapes.
Baking peppers on the patio on the terrace and asking your girlfriend from the 2nd floor how much more to bake.
The biggest store you've ever seen is the central halls.
Flaunting Neckerman and staring at him with wet eyes.
Make sugar water for your hair instead of gel.
Arrange everyone in the New Year's banana family and pretend you don't know each other.
Sew different clothes when they invite you to a wedding, banquet or other event to be more fashionable.
Paint your gum with parsley in green.
Compete with comrades for the fastest arrangement of the Rubik's Cube.
To collect chamomile, thyme, other herbs and chestnuts for a summer order.
Sour sellers look at you, and you treat them like goddesses.
Have a walkman and to avoid running out of batteries, rotate the pen / pen cartridge.
Dreaming of a "walking doll" from the USSR.
Going to truly send a soldier.
To look forward to Santa Claus on New Year's Eve, to wonder what he will bring you and before he arrives, to find the gift in the wardrobe.
A Million and One Wishes on TV Sunday morning, when your father / mother made a paparazzi, and in the afternoon, call you comrades to show you their new cart.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-10-07 at 19:07

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank Ann, for posting this work in translation and translating for us to read and enjoying the reading it.
Ken D